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Modern Family Unit is Gary Hilton and Steve Southern. They have been friends, acquaintances, distanced enemies and trusted friends. They share a common interest in music, life philosophies and the grounding for what is generally good and what is not.

Between them they write and produce the MFU musical and visual compositions.

Our philosophy

Modern Family Unit is all about the music, Music For U and creating something of worth. We are all creative, beyond being grateful for being here – it’s our purpose. We eat and we procreate and our biggest challenge is how to fill our 80 years or so on the planet.

We all love living, well the majority of us do and we all slip into an occasional dislike which is only natural. And that’s when we need to acknowledge what is around us – sky, earth, colour, sound, smells, art and literature, beautiful buildings & objects, beautiful faces, friends and family.

Love music, love film, love photography, love art. Challenge science, challenge facts until you feel them, challenge the people who say you can’t and challenge the people who act as though they are in charge. Love the folks around youand cherish your faith in all that’s real and that can be. The circuitous path of life is straight, we all just need a little reminder from time to time.

Everything you can imagine is real.


Modern Family Unit makes music and visuals we love. We work with people we trust and with whom we share a commonality. Hope you like – and hope you can share and join us.

The Extended Family

Modern Family Unit look like they do because of the genius photographer Karen McBride. Karen shares our values. You can check her out at:

Modern Family Unit feel like this because of the genius design head which sits atop of the neck of Stuart William Taylor. You can check him out at:

Modern Family Unit have learned from Dave Maughan.

Modern Family Unit play live because of our valuable allies.


  • No upcoming events scheduled yet. Stay tuned!



We are pleased to announce that we are now working in partnership with West One Pacific, the driving force and spearhead for this music business being the tour de force which is Michael Garbutt. Michael having a lent his guidance, vision and hardwork to amongst others David Bowie, Daft Punk and the Sex Pistols.

More information can be found at:


We are also pleased to be working with several advertising & brand popularisers and hope to deliver the eclectic yet well formed MFU sound to tv and film. A new MFU groove has emerged from the National Lottery campaign, more information can be found at:

We release a film to support ‘change’ on GAS records  – Modern Family Unit featuring Voices for Change: Ashleigh Wood, Damon Gough (Badly Drawn Boy) and Martin Finnigan of The Rainband.


Following the positive feedback for the “mm mm mm ah” video and download we are pleased to announce the full release later in the summer. Following which we will be making plans for another single ahead of the release of our first album “Religion”.

Many thanks to superstar DJ Dave Haslam for bringing together the MFU:MFS collaboration with another Manchester legend Mark Reeder. Mark’s remixes are complete – Mark Reeder uummhh & aarrgghh remix Mark Reeder eyyhh & aarrgghh radio edit. Both tracks are listenable at our Soundcloud and are available as downloads. The extended version had a very successful test drive at The Ohm Club, Berlin.

If you are still “umming and arring” Mark says: “Turn it up, get dark, happy, trippy, edgy, attitudinally-groovy, take it for a drive and let us know your thoughts!

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For all media information please contact Michael Garbutt: 

or Emily Smith:

For any general enquiries please contact Gary y: