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Modern Family Unit is somewhere between The Talking Heads and Chumawumba or Depeche Mode and Derek & Clive. A Manchester based collective of performers centred around a duo of electro musicians. Politicized and opinionated, grounded by fact and inspired by a love of new and old music, marrying classic 80s new wave with contemporary production values. Their music works as there are no fast rules to their eclectic mix.

Gary Hilton and Steve Southern share a common interest in music, life philosophies and the grounding for what is generally good and what is not. Between them they write and produce the Modern Family Unit musical and visual compositions.

“Surround yourself with weirdos and hope no-one notices and everybody sees”

Modern Family Unit is all about the music and creating something of worth. We are all creative, it’s our purpose. We eat and we procreate and our biggest challenge is how to fill our 80 years or so on the planet.

Love music, love film, love photography, love art. Challenge science, challenge facts, challenge the people who say you can’t and challenge the people who act as though they are in charge. If you have your eyes open you must be asking yourself “where is the revolution”? Never before have we witnessed such madness across so many platforms: our government march forward unchallenged towards a one nation party, spouting fear at every level; the Labour Party offer hope in a manifesto for all but will it translate in time; UKIP a collective 0f nationalistic spasms; Liberals are lost and the US congress on twitter, fake news shapes us…

Where is the response of the people and where is the songs of protest and document of our times? Etched in personal baloney on facebook? Withering behind apathy?

Modern Family Unit share the stage with President GAS, Lee DjK Dawson, James Eccythump Warner and Shireen ‘Cherie Bebe’ Ashton.

Modern Family Unit play in time thanks to Andy Dawson, a power-house on drums.


  • No upcoming events scheduled yet. Stay tuned!



Modern Family Unit are joined by legendary DJ Mark Reeder who comes ‘back home’ on the 5th August to play a DJ set at The Tiger Lounge. Mark is a major part of Manchester’s musical heritage and his work with a whole host of electronic artists through to New Order, opening MIF17 and his new album, which includes a Modern Family Unit collaboration. Mark’s also working on another MFU rmx of the track we composed for Marketing Manchester. Here’s the link to Mark Reeder and MFU at The Tiger Lounge:

Here’s the link to his latest album, his history from The Frantic Elevators through Joy Division to New Order and…to us.

Some great words from I Love Manchester’s Emily Oldfield: 


We are also pleased to be working with several advertising & brand popularisers and to deliver the eclectic yet well formed Modern Family Unit for sound to tv and film. This as part of the GAS Music Limited collective.


“Marco Polo” will receive a make over video with footage from the forthcoming feature film “HABIT”.

The original piece can be seen here:

“Law” will be released on the 8th September, following the use on the “Marketing Manchester” campaign as ‘the sound of Manchester’.

It’s a great piece commissioned by Marketing Manchester & The Neighbourhood with a Modern Family Unit soundtrack:

Manchester – The Original Modern City:

We will then be making plans for another single ahead of the release of our first album “Religion”.

Many thanks to superstar DJ Dave Haslam for bringing together the MFU:MFS collaboration. Mark Reeder eyyhh & aarrgghh radio edit is below:

Click for sound and vision…



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